Salient Features

Features of Petrol Pump Management software

  1. Integrated Solution: Quicksoft ArtRM-PP is tightly integrated with Accounting and Inventory to give up-to-date information and crucial actionable data on dues and stocks for follow-up, cost cutting and timely decision making.
  2. Billing and Accounting: The major function at any petrol pump is Billing and Accounting. Quicksoft, ArtRM-PP has a strong configurator to suit the needs of different pumps in terms of Rate of Interest being charged for over due and previous dues to be shown in invoice and accounting of the same in real time. Also the rounding off of invoice amount to be given customer wise and so on. The Open Architecture with localized feature of the system allows user to configure the system to local norms & needs.
  3. Business Process: Development of ArtRM-PP is Backed by the system study and knowledge sharing by various petrol pumps to understand the process being followed at petrol pumps. The Software takes care of meter reading, dip reading with calibration chart, slip entries and Invoice generation seamlessly making it a smooth process flow & work-flow to speed up the operation at the petrol pumps.
  4. MIS & Reports: The day-to-day report generation and MIS are available to the user at their fingertip with the option to Export, Fax or Mail reports in the desired format to desired location.
  5. Security: With strong security feature like setting user based access right for different task and password protection (allowing Administrator/Owner to restric the user to specific task within the system) makes it a safe and secured solution.
  6. Future Ready: ArtRM-PP Supports all printers and barcode scanners. It also allows to print cash memo on a thermal printer to speed up the cash billing and automate the invoicing. It also allows to export and save the report in Excel, Word, Ascii Text, RTF, PDF and various different formats to exchange the information in desired format.
  7. Allied Services: The software is fully functional in terms of taking care of maintaining records for servicing of cars and generating separate invoice for servicing. The petrol-pump software is fully functional to take care of convenience store with batch wise inventory management and multiple warehouse management (in practice at petrol pumps) to track the movement of stock and generate unique warehouse wise item wise Stock Ledger.

Quicksoft ArtRM for Petrol-pump software is complete petrol-pump management solution to take care of all operation at the petrol-pump with very easy to use interface and with work-flow to cover every aspect efficiently and with minimum data entry but excellent reporting. It is designed to take care of all statutory requirement, auditing and compliance.

1. Accounting, Billing and Inventory Management

2. Meter Reading, Dip Reading, Density Calculator, Dip Chart, Density Chart

3. Fund Flow Analysis and Shift-wise Cash and Petty Cash Management

4. SMS Integration, Export to Excel and Create Report in PDF to Email

5. Export to Excel for Tally Import

6. Very Easy to Use with Tightly Integrated work-flow of daily work and report

Petrol-pump management software Control Panel / Tips Page.

Tips : The Tips page is also called control panel, from you where you get the control of work flow of daily routine work arranged in chronology of their occurance.

MIS: Also note the MIS button and Change Rate Button on top of the Tips page. The Change Rate Button allows user to enter the Rate for the selected date/shift so as to automatically enter all the transactions for the day without worrying of prevailing rate for fuel item for the day. MIS button lets you monitor the cash balance with opening and closing cash balance and cash collected/received/generated and paid for the selected date/shift.

7. Sales Register, Purchase Register, GST Reports, Dashboard

8. Sales Analysis – Item-wise / Customer-wise/ Vehicle-wise/Sales Type wise

9. Automation Analysis with Nozzle/Tank-wise Sale

10. Trading Account, Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet

11. Module based User Access Right and Strong Security to Lock Data

12. Auto Back-up to multiple destination drive and Cloud backup configurable

13. Track New Updates from within the Software and Download new version

Dashboard for a Quick Snap-shot of Accounts.

Dashboard for overview of stock and outstanding accessed from Tips page.

Dashboard: This is very important short-cut to access crucial but frequently required information like Outstanding, Stock-position, Cash and Bank Balance, Expenses etc., The important thing to note is user can configure the dashboard for user to select the information crucial and important for them.

Free Download

You get all the service and support and above all training material in the form of video tutorial and users manual in PDF format so as to self-help and instantly get access to help when needed most. The first time users get 30 days evaluation version to try free.

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