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Study reveals that, Still Today at many pumps the accounts and reports are written manually compiled using various registers or using DOS based system with monotonous Look and duplication of data having many gaps and inefficiency in forecasting due to batch process or lack of information due to either manual system or using old software (not allowing to maintain data for New Fuel Products, Credit Cards, Petro-Cards etc.,) or using multiple software to just maintain the books at petrol pumps.

What a petrol pump needs is a Single, Integrated software for Petrol pump-Service Stations. Which provides Inventory, Accounting & Invoicing information in integrated fashion, preferably with GUI (Graphics Users Interface) and latest technology with RDBMS backend as data repository for improved management information system.

Quicksoft ArtRM-PP (Art of Retail Management for Petrol Pump) is totally integrated with Accounts and Inventory, that means every entry entered by user, automatically updates the Account & Inventory as the case may be and the same can be viewed from the various MIS Report options.

We have done detailed study of the business process of the petrol pumps and have gone into the minute details to take care of all the requirements of a pump with Indian perspective. We feel that use of such software will help your business function more efficiently, smoothly without duplication of work at your back office.

In today’s competitive environment, businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on technology, making it imperative for you to be in tune with latest… at all times. Given this, how do you ensure that all the software in your organization is always current ? Simple! With the Art-RM software.

Quicksofts Art-RM is a business application for the Petrol Pumps community. It takes care of all the day-day activities of the Petrol Pumps and covers all aspects of the Petrol Pumps industry.It is very simple to use and it automatically takes care of all your business needs.

Why Quicksoft Petrol-pump Softare?

You may view demonstration in Hindi on youtube through following links:

Masters : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cQoAcU5f3g

Transactions Modules: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAfZNqYVS7w


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