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Supermarket Management Software

Key Features at a Glance:
Simple & Intuitive:Art-RM for Supermarket is so simple to use that even a novice without any commercial background can operate it. No previous knowledge of
computer is needed to use this package. Takes care of all your day to day
invoicing, accounting and inventory functions with great ease.

No Limits:The software enables you to work on multiple companies with a
provision of accounting for:

  • Multiple Location
  • Multiple Batches
  • Multiple Godown Per Location
  • Multiple Barcode handling
  • Multiple Units of Measurement
  • Attend Multiple Customers/Invoices

★ Barcoding of your products in user defined format.Allows you to
scan barcode of different type(i.e. system generated,mrf.
Barcode,product code etc.) and lets you save on barcode printing
for the products having manufacturer barcode.
Stock Ledger
★ Stock movement statement: Online stock information of selected
products for chosen warehouse and UOM. Lets you Track Inter
Warehouse Stock Movement
★ Warehouse Management : Allows user to sale products for multiple
Godown and Auto Transfer goods from one warehouse to another.

★ Online stock status with P.O generation to preferred vendor for
multiple items
★ Expiry Management
★ Repackaging of products in different denomination and generate
barcode for repacked products.Lets you buy in bags(of e.g. 100
kg)and create packs(1,2,5,10,20 kg/Gms as desired)Automatically
convert stock from one UOM to other i.e.Buy shampoo in strips
and sale in pouches and system maintains stock in strips and
Stock Taking
★ Allow you to tally your physical stock with computer
stock and lets you update your purchase/sale/stock
data,intelligently and with ease.
Customer Relationship Management:
★ The software helps you to maintain customer master with personal
details of the customer.
★ Customer Analysis(their buying patterns)
★ Keep in touch with the customer’s by wishing them on their
important dates,sending regular news letters etc.
★ Allows you to take orders on phone/through email.


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