The Journey so far..

An opportunity received over three decades ago led to formation of Quicksoft Services. It all started in 1988, with the job of digitizing of a map for Weston & Sampson Engineers Inc, USA. The first digitizing was accomplished using the co-ordinates of blue print of map received was entered in database and script was generated to auto create a drawing / map on AutoCAD and the journey began.

Journey of once specializing Digitization on MapInfo/ArcInfo for Sanborn Map Company, USA, Contour Map digitizing for L&T Infotech and CAD services for various companies to Software development was really interesting.

It’s hard to describe the reality of product development journey. The growing consumer demand and awareness made it challenging and interesting task to everytime develop a unique software solutions for customer. Developing customized solution for customers involved hard work but no repetitive business. So, we started off with intense research to find the right solution for the retail industry and initiated the slow process of preliminary discussions and selling the idea of Point of Sale for a large untapped market that can offer a tremendous potential.

After many years of intense and untiring effort, we developed the product for petrol-pumps and supermarkets which was very well received by customers and today we are proud to have hundreds of satisfied customers across the country using our solution for more than 20 years…

We specialize in Point of Sale solution for retail industry. We are now working on newer technologies to offer software solution on desktop, cloud, web and mobile platform.

Customer Feedback and Testimonials.