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Welcome to Quicksoft Services blog

Quicksoft is a leading software consulting firm catering to retail industry for more than three decades now. We have proven Point of Sale solution for Petrol-pumps and Supermarkets. We also have Mobile applications for productivity at petrol-pumps and supermarkets.

We would be pleased to give quote for any requirement of software development on Desktop, Web/Cloud or Mobile. We take up bulk data transformation and data migration services to give meaningful data visualization. Your data can be in plain ASCII/ HTML/ XML/ EXCEL/ CSV/ MDB/ SQL or any raw format, we can convert it to desired format.

This blog page is created to broadcast the news on new products developed, change and updates in the software and new version launch or any news we thought would be useful for users and community. Please give your comments, suggestions and feeback here to improve out products and come out with useful products for you.

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Just give your requirement and we will contact you back with solution.